Goldy's Restaurant

Goldy's Restaurant, Capitol Blvd., Boise Idaho. Flag mounted sign with aluminum core and routered foam faces. Gold leaf and automotive paint finishes.


Interior office sign, Boise, Idaho. Back painted acrylic letters spaced 1/2 inch from wall. Foam sphere with floating acrylic arrow.


Dragonfly flag mounted sign Main St., Boise. Routered aluminum background with 2 layers acrylic letters & dragonfly with automotive paint finish.


Saffron Restaurant was an interior sign on the Basque Block, Boise, Idaho. Computerized routered foam & acrylic graphic. Stud mounted aluminum letters.


Oliver Russell

Oliver Russell, 10th Street, Boise, Idaho. Lettering is routered into one inch thick acrylic rectangles with polished edges. Aluminum channel at the top holds LED lighting. Circles are hallow illuminated with LEDs.

North ADA County - Fire Rescue

North Ada County Fire & Rescue, Chinden Blvd., Garden City, Idaho. Hand painted & airbrushed mural with vinyl lettering.

J Bar K

J Bar K Custom Homes, Eagle, Idaho. Routered sign foam & aluminum with automotive paint finish. Sign bracket built by Arbors Gates & Gardens.

Spa Del Sol

Spa Del Sol, McCall Idaho. Routered sign foam & acrylic. Letters are stud mounted.

Grove Street Place

Grove Street Place was a flag mounted sign on the Basque Block, Boise, Idaho. Sign foam with hammered copper background. Routered, bent & powdered coated faces.

Dragonfly Mural

Dragonfly, Main Street, Boise, Idaho. Hand painted mural with Gemini plastic letters.

Great Beginnings

Great Beginnings, Boise, Idaho. Hand painted with airbrushed highlights.